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About Us

I am a Westport Connecticut Organic Farmer

One day I sat down and realized that I don’t feel that well.  My body felt tired and sluggish.  I was gaining weight and moody.  I needed to think about why this was happening and change it.  I began my journey into why, as I was always in great shape and found the answer to be food


I want to live my best life so I thought, I must make changes now.  I live in a nice area with many options available however I found it difficult to get exactly what I wanted.  The food was either not organic or it was organic however lacked flavor and looked like it had been on a truck for one too many days.  That is when I realized this might not be simple as I had hoped.

That's when the idea came to me, I will make my own food.  My food would be organic and of the highest quality.  Researching what products to buy and what foods to farm, this had turned into an obsession.   

I set my focus on growing organic lettuces and organic microgreens.  After all, they are delicious, healthy and can be eaten in a variety of ways.  


I immediately fell in love with farming own my food and I couldn't get over how amazing it tasted.   I slowly began to feel better, have more energy, and felt happier.   I was so happy with the way my food tasted, I wanted everyone to try it.  


Hence, a Westport farmer was born. 

How we grow

Microgreens are healthy power food, rich with antioxidants and vitamins. Butter lettuce is incredibly the most delicious lettuce to farm.

Your body deserves the best and everything is important when it comes to farming food.  I believe in only using the best ingredients because food directly effects your health.  I begin with imported French Organic growing mix and Organic Non-GMO seeds.  Grown locally and with love, I deliver the most outstanding flavors to your food.


Incorporating organic locally grown food into your daily regimen is highly recommended.  

Food harvested within same day of delivery to you.

How We Grow
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